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Farming to create a new future
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Sharing the success

Farming is not about plug-and-play profits. Now, after their first seasons of farming and cycles of planting, hoeing and harvesting the Driefontein farmers are starting to see the changes they hoped for. After consulting the community they represent, Driefontein’s board of directors identified four long-term needs and prioritised the allocation of social-premium funds accordingly:

Investing in education: A portion of the profits is invested in the education of their children. This includes school fees, school clothes, crèche fees and also adult education. And this year, for the first time, the fund is also paying for the child of one of the labourers to attend university - a proud achievement for this close-knit community.

Farming sustainably: A portion of the money is set aside for farming operations - renting equipment, paying for operational expenses and investing in the farm.

Improving their domestic lives: Once a year, the directors allocate a portion of the money towards home improvements, which include buying appliances such as fridges and washing machines.

Accumulating capital for the future: A portion of the money is set aside for capital projects - purchasing assets such as tractors, saving up for retirement, building houses and buying land.

For these 36 labourers and their families, farming is now about creating the future they desire. They want to buy their own land and have a place to belong to. Over 150 people benefit directly and indirectly from this initiative - among them almost a hundred children

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