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Farming to create a new future
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Choosing Fairtrade as their future
Adhering to international sustainability standards
Driefontein's location
Adhering to international sustainability standards

Driefontein is a farm for the future as it produces organic Rooibos by using sustainable farming methods. This includes the responsible management of waste, the removal of erosion and minimal tillage. Driefontein’s Rooibos has been certified by the following organisations:

The Fairtrade organisation
- confirming the social upliftment benefits of this initiative.

UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet.

The organic certification agency Ecocert -  confirming the organic farming methods used at Driefontein.

Together, these certifications serve as hallmark of quality, sustainability, transparency, social responsibility and environmental care for consumers all over the world



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