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Farming to create a new future
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Choosing Fairtrade as their future
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Choosing Fairtrade as their future

Driefontein’s labourer-farmers are the real beneficiaries of the Fairtrade system. This is where the world can see the benefits of the social premium paid for fair-trade products.

The Fairtrade business model offers producers, traders and consumers a way to directly engage in the fight against poverty as Fairtrade relies on a series of principles that guarantees fair deals for producers, rights for workers and protection of the environment.

When consumers purchase fair-trade products, they are paying a social premium over and above the commercial price of the commodity. This social premium is reinvested in the communities that produced the commodity to improve their living standards. In the case of Driefontein, the social premium is used for education, operational costs, domestic upliftment and the accumulation of capital to buy assets and fund retirement benefits.

The Driefontein group opted for Fairtrade’s small farmer system, formed a legal cooperative and then applied for Fairtrade certification. Today, they adhere to the sustainability standards of Fairtrade and undergo its stringent audits to the benefit of everyone involved, including the environment.

At the heart of it all, the Driefontein Cooperative is about creating a sustainable future. At the same time, it is also about generating tangible benefits, such as sending their children to school in new clothes at the start of the year. It is also about the financial ability to improve their lives by buying a new fridge, TV or washing machine.

In essence, the Driefontein initiative offers a sense of ownership, respect and self-esteem to these rural farmers and their families.

Driefontein’s directors are also regarded as the leaders of this community, and people look up to them. It’s no longer only a business, it’s their place to belong.
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